It turns out that the average at RN programs is about 32 years old. This is quite surprising for many people who think that college and universities are just for young people out of high school. However, RN programs stand out from other degrees in that it has a large number of students that considered Nursing later in their life.

RN programs in the US has always offered a very diverse group of student body. This is because nursing is the perfect career track to get into right now. This is because there is a massive shortage of nurses which is causing major healthcare problems right now. This means that anyone who can pass the proper exams can get a get paying job immediately.

RN programs themselves are even overcrowded which is leading many students to consider online degree which they are finding are much better than traditional degrees in Nursing. Online degrees have mainly catered to people who still would like to work and support themselves and their family while they study. Online RN programs allow this because it is on your time.

All these reasons contribute to why the average age of nursing students are above 31 years of age. If you're already working, and are thinking about switching to a career with more promise, you have to at least request more information to see if Nursing fits you.



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